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Our Taxi Service is our only business, hence the company name. Bonny's Taxi and its affiliates provide service to the Vancouver Metro Region, The Province of British Columbia Canada, The Vancouver International Airport from The City of Burnaby, New Westminster, and the Vancouver Airport.  Bonny's and Queen City Taxi LTd. and its affiliates have a combined fleet of 158 Government Licenced Vehicles of which 26 are Wheelchair equipped to service the mobility impaired. Taxi service To and From is possible under contract or customer request on a vica versa or return relationship when the initial booking is made. After calling our dispatch numbers or filling out our Request for Taxi form a cab will be electronically dispatched to you.  Before you know it, a Bonny's Taxi, or affiliate, will be on-site.  Hop in and direct your licensed and skilled driver wherever you wish. Upon arrival at your destination, you can pay via VISA, Mastercard, American Express (AMX), En Route or cash and be on your way.

                 Dispatch Phone Numbers :  Burnaby : (604) 435 - 6655 or (604) 434 - 8000 Capitol Hill : (604) 299 - 6262
                                          New Westminster : (604) 526 - 1166 Coquitlam : (604) 931 - 3333