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Delivery / Courier Service

Bonny's delivers people everywhere, what about packages?  Since our drivers are travelling the Lower Mainland anyway, Bonny's and it's affiliates offer a restricted deliver/courier service. Bonny's can deliver packages just as easily as it delivers people. This saves you the hassle of travelling out to deliver a single package and then travelling all the way back.
  • We can pickup and deliver any parcel, food order, beverage, or small package for a minimum rate of $20 or what is greater on the meter.

                 Dispatch Phone Numbers :  Burnaby : (604) 435 - 6655 or (604) 434 - 8000 Capitol Hill : (604) 299 - 6262
                                          New Westminster : (604) 526 - 1166 Coquitlam : (604) 931 - 3333