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Company History

Bonny's is the largest taxi company servicing Burnaby and has done so since 1943. We've been at our current location since 1967 and over the years, Bonny's has affiliated itself with 3 other companies:  Queen City Taxi, BBY Elite and Capitol Hill Taxi.  These affiliations improve name recognition in our service area and allows each fleet to centralize service even more. The company itself is comprised of 218 shareholders, most of whom are drivers for the company and own their own taxis. By having our drivers as our shareholders, there is a real emphasis on a team effort.
  • Queen City Taxi
    Primary service area is New Westminister
  • Bonny's Taxi, Capitol Hill Taxi, & BBY Elite
    Primary service area is Burnaby

                 Dispatch Phone Numbers :  Burnaby : (604) 435 - 6655 or (604) 434 - 8000 Capitol Hill : (604) 299 - 6262
                                          New Westminster : (604) 526 - 1166 Coquitlam : (604) 931 - 3333