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Zone Maps

Below is our "Zone Map".  Each section of our main service area is partitioned into different "zones".  This helps us to decide which cabs are closest for a pickup.  First the computer checks to see which cabs are in the same zone as the pickup request and then out of those cabs, the computer calculates which cab can get to the pickup location fastest.  Within each zone, there are idle locations. The taxi icons represent where idle taxis wait for their next job.   If someone who is close to one of these locations requests to be picked up, then the time delay between when they ask for a cab and when they are picked up is very minimal. Although vice-versa, when someone who is far away from one of these idle locations requests to be picked up, then the delay between dispatch and pickup is longer.

                 Dispatch Phone Numbers :  Burnaby : (604) 435 - 6655 or (604) 434 - 8000 Capitol Hill : (604) 299 - 6262
                                          New Westminster : (604) 526 - 1166 Coquitlam : (604) 931 - 3333